How to install NMAP on windows and linux


NMAP is free and open source network security scanner that is often used by security experts to find vulnerabilities in a network. Network administrators use Nmap to identify what devices are running on their systems, discovering hosts that are available and the services they offer, finding open ports and detecting security risks.

Here in this article, we will teach you to how to install NMAP on Windows and Linux.

Install Nmap on windows

  • Now, double click on the downloaded exe file and accept all terms and conditions by clicking on i agree.
  • Choose different features of nmap and click next.
  • Select the location where you want to install nmap and click install.
  • At last, click finish to complete the installation process.

Install Nmap on linux

On Debian

apt-get install nmap

On Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install nmap

On Fedora

sudo dnf install nmap


zypper install nmap

From Source Code

  • Use wget to download the source code.
  • Extract it.
bzip2 -cd nmap-7.70.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
  • Compile the program using configure and make.
  • Now, install nmap on your system.
sudo make install

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