How to Access the Dark Web

How to Access the Dark Web

Dark Web (a subset of Deep Web) is a part of internet which is not indexed by search engines. It is meant to be anonymous, and is often (but not always) used for illegal activity, like selling narcotics or sharing stolen financial information.

Tools required to access Dark Web

1. Tor Browser

2. A good VPN(To be on the safer side)

How to download Tor Browser

1. Go to

2. Download Tor Browser as per your system configuration.

3. Now, install it on your system.

Dark Web (rather Deep web) sites have .onion at the end like .com, .org in normal sites. So, How do we find these .onion sites as these sites are not indexed by popular search engines like google?

Common portals and search engines to find onion sites:

That’s it! Now you are ready to access dark web.


1. Do not change window size of Tor.

2. Never reveal your personal information like name, email, photo etc. on dark web.

3. Do not download anything from dark web unless you trust the website.

4. Do not randomly open any link.

5. Use tor with a good VPN (paid) to add an extra layer of protection.

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