ANONSURF : How To Be Anonymous While Hacking


Being anonymous for a hacker is the first step before hacking a system. Anonymizing a system in an ideal way is not an easy thing. No one can perfectly anonymize a system. There are many tools available on the internet that say they anonymize systems. One of them is Anonsurf.

What is Anonsurf?

Anonsurf is a stealth and IP changing script created by Parrot Sec team. These are the same folks who made the Parrot OS. This script will run in the background and continue changing your IP address with the goal that you are anonymous when followed by IP address. Anonsurf utilizes two main services for being anonymous on the web. One is Tor, and the other is iptables which is a Linux service for overseeing IP addresses. This is an open repository on Github.

Anonsurf utilizes Tor network IP tables to anonymise a system. Anonsurf also contains Pandora bundle. Pandora clears the cache and the RAM when the user is logged out. That implies it wipes all traces of the user’s activity from the system.


  • Open a terminal and use the following command to clone the Anonsurf repository from Github.
git clone
  • Then, go to the cloned directory.
cd kali-anonsurf
  • Now, make installer bash script executable.
sudo chmod +x
  • Finally, install it by running the installer script.


  • To start Anonsurf, run the following command in the terminal:
sudo anonsurf start
  • Check the status of anonsurf by using:
sudo anonsurf status
  • After running anonsurf we can change our current Tor identity to another one by using following command:
sudo anonsurf change
  • To check current changed IP we use following command:
sudo anonsurf myip
  • To stop the anonsurf we can use:
sudo anonsurf stop
  • To see all other options use:
anonsurf help

This tool is really good for beginners, because this tool makes some hard things very easy, like configuring proxies automatically, using IP table and clearing RAM.

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